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Coed Teams of 2

Scaled division will be open to all levels of athlete. The movements will be basic movements that can be done with little to no scaling.  The WODs will be designed to make this division challenging but yet a lot of fun! This division is for those athletes that have been actively participating in CrossFit methodology for approximately a year or less. At least one athlete from each team must be able to perform any given movement listed below.

Coed Teams of 2

Intermediate teams of two divisions will provide an option for both Rx and Scaled division athletes who may feel too overwhelmed or unable to perform the Rx movements, but also may not be challenged enough in the Scaled division. At least one member of each team must be able to perform any given movement. 


Coed Teams of 2

Rx division WODs will be attainable for most intermediate to elite level athletes, we are programming WODs that require strategy and not just brute force strength and endurance. This division will be designed with the more advanced athletes in mind. 

Coed Teams of 2

The following are the minimum standards for Masters athletes, please remember the weights listed are ones that the athlete should be able to do in a high rep event. In a lower rep scheme event and in the case of any one rep max event, the athlete can expect to lift heavier weights. Teams must be ready for any/all synchro movements.

*Masters athletes must be a minimum age of 35

**Athletes must be a combined age of 75

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