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Photo Collage Motivational Year Vision Board Desktop Wallpaper.png
Photo Collage Motivational Year Vision Board Desktop Wallpaper.png

Visit our CrossFit gym to get in the best shape of your life! Our highly qualified coaches have the dedication and experience to help you meet all of your fitness goals! CrossFit aims to systematically increase your proficiency in functional movement patterns. Our members have also found success in weight loss, muscle gain, toning, increased flexibility, and more. Plus, with a new workout every day, you'll always be interested and challenged! We are more than just CrossFit. We also offer boot camp and Yoga classes. We offer fitness for the whole family! Our CrossFit kid's classes are especially popular. Stop in or call today to experience personal training in a group setting at our CrossFit gym!

April 29th

Midwestern supercell storms are some of the most amazing forces of nature on the planet. Their energy and power have the strength to transform the landscape almost instantly. At CrossFit Supercell we are transforming lives every day through knowledgeable coaching, fun workouts and a supportive community of people just like you. From elite athletes to fresh-off-the-couch potatoes, people of all ages, shapes and sizes come to Supercell to get stronger and healthier. Additionally, we offer special training and services including CrossFit, Spartan Deka, The Phoenix sober active community, Nutrition coaching, Obstacle course race training, Zumba, and ROMWOD Mobility

April 15th

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700 Division Street, Waite Park, MN, United States, 56387

April 15th

Badger CrossFit is one the largest functional fitness facilities in Wisconsin with more than 12,000 square feet of workout space. As one of the region’s first CrossFit affiliates starting in 2011, and Wisconsin’s only Reebok-recognized CrossFit, Badger sets the CrossFit standard in Wisconsin.


Our vision is to provide the world’s most effective health and fitness, which prepares each person for any physical task, including the unknown and the unknowable while decreasing or preventing chronic illness.


Our mission is to build a healthy, strong and supportive community which strives for the true essence of health in a results-based and peer-driven atmosphere.

April 29th

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We're focused on filling our gym with encouraging and supportive people who want to make the most their training time and improve their fitness. We are a community of people who are willing to train hard and have a great time doing so. 

Do not be intimidated! Everything we do at MachineLab CrossFit is scalable: we can modify every movement of every workout, to ensure that you are performing at your own peak. We'll help you get into the best shape of your life... safely!  

April 15th

CrossFit Novi is independently owned & operated by Coach Eli Kafer and supported by a team of accredited coaches who have been training athletes of all levels for decades. We’re passionate about our community and our members - helping each one grow and reach new heights of performance and potential.

April 29th

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At Kato CrossFit we use the CrossFit methodology to make any given person better at everyday life. Our highly trained and encouraging staff will help you reach your goals whatever they may be.

April 29th

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